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2021 Fall Gathering

Sponsored by the Shaolin-Do Association

Saturday, September 18th, 2021 in Lexington, KY

Join your fellow Shaolin-Do students from across the Unites States as they make their yearly pilgrimage to Lexington to compete in Grandmaster Sin Thé’s annual tournament and fall gathering! Compete in empty hand forms, weapon forms, internal systems, and sparring or any combination at no extra charge. Test your skills and join your classmates, as well as hundreds of other Shaolin-Do students, by competing! Enter as many events as you like for one price!

There are a couple of important changes to the tournament this year. Please be sure to read all of the following:

  1. The tournament is being held at a new location. We will be at the Oleika Shriners at 326 Southland Dr. This is not far from the old location and there is plenty of parking. There is a map below to help you find it.
  2. The sparring competitions will be single elimination in all divisions.
  3. The finals and demonstrations will be at 4:00 PM rather than in the evening as before.
Tournament Flyer and Registration Form
Flyer & Registration Form (PDF)
Tournament Rules and Divisions
Rules & Divisions (PDF)

Map and Directions